The NPA-16 is a 16 Charge Sensitive Preamplifier with a very low noise and a very fast rise-time.

You can use it in combination with a multistrip silicon detector, single or double side. His compact size and his low power consumption make it suitable for direct coupling with these detectors also in a high vacuum system.

It can be supplied in frameless version (NPA-16 FL) or in a "frame enclosed" (NPA16 FE).
The frameless version can be coupled to form a single module with 32 channel (Fig.1).

Through an Input Adapter (NIA) it can be directly connected to the Micron Silicon Doublestrip Detector BB7.

The output signals are pseudo-differential, and this allow the use of flat unshielded cable for the connections.

The strength of this preamplifier is his speed of response that makes it particularly suitable for pulse shape and timing applications.

Fig.1: #2 NPA-16 FL coupled in a Single Module with 32 CH

Technical Data


  • 17 +17 PIN HEADER Male Input Connector;
  • 5 + 5 PIN HEADER Service Connector (for power, test and bias);
  • 100 or 10 Mohm Bias Resistor;
  • 47 nF Input decoupling capacitance.


  • 17 PIN HEADER Male Output Connector;
  • Differencial or single ended selectable;
  • 100 or 50 ohm output back termination;
  • Max output +/- 4.5 V.

Performances (referred to 45 mV/MeV)


  • 3.3 KeV 0 pF input (3 microsec. shaping time)
  • 18 eV/pF Noise slope

Rise Time:

  • 3.1 ns (0 pF input)

Decay Time:

  • 100 us


  • -6 150 mW
  • +6 714 mW


Accepts input voltage pulse for calibration


Model: NPA-16

Input Capacitance (pF) Rise Time (ns)
0 3,1
10 3,7
47 5,5
100 7,4

Rise Time (ns)

Input capacitance (pF)

Input Capacitance (pF) Maximum Noise (KeV)(Si)
0 3,3
10 3,4
47 3,7
100 4,3

Noise (KeV)(Si)

Input capacitance (pF)